Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thanks, German Animal "Rights" Activists!

27 September 2011

One of the highlights of my trip to Deutschland was definitely the animal "rights" demonstration! Yes, that's Chad, Shane, and me pictured at an animal "rights" display in front of the historic Brandenburg Gate!

The large pig atop the trailer read "Eat Vegetarian: Good for Health, Good for Animals, Good for the Earth" and it had a video screen inside showing the "horrors" of farming. To a farm girl like me, however, it was fairly standard & reasonable images of good management. Yes, there are times when pigs are in stalls: it is for their health & safety, as well as for the farmer's. Yes, chickens do get the beaks clipped: it is no fun to have your fellow chicken peck you to death! Yes, animals are slaughtered: this is a part of the circle of life created by our world that allows herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores to flourish. Outside of the trailer, a human was wearing a colorful chicken suit and sitting in a cage. Much like other chickens I have seen in cages, the human-as-a-chicken seemed quite calm! Alas, it laid no eggs while I was there!

I spoke very briefly with a lady passing out fliers. When I accepted her materials, she complimented my blue coat. With that opening, I engaged her very briefly in conversation -- a mix of German & English. We spoke for just a moment, but she seemed pleased to find an American so interested in her fliers. She probably had no idea she had just provided me with excellent research materials for my Fellowship paper! Thank you, animal "rights" activist lady!

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