Monday, October 17, 2011

Beautiful Berlin

Before my trip, I had a very inaccurate perception of Berlin: gray, cold, and full of skyscrapers. The city was quite a contrast to that idea! This is a picture of the River Spree, which curves through Berlin. On our first day in Berlin, we took a boat cruise along the river. It was a sunny, beautiful afternoon . . . and perfect for a catnap on a tour boat! Thus began my reputation amongst my fellow travelers for constant sleeping! Berlin is a city rich in history, and East Berlin has been rebuilt in such a way to embrace modernity while preserving its heritage. Berlin lacks skyscrapers due to a building code that limits the height of buildings. This makes for a very open and appealing atmosphere. With such a lovely city to gaze upon, nearly every apartment in Berlin offers a balcony. I was extremely impressed with Germany's largest city!

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