Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Delicious Pork!

I spent three days processing the meat from my pigs into cuts. This is a picture of the primal cuts from the hog, after skinning & evisceration. I chilled the carcasses for 24 hours to help tenderize the meat, and then began cutting and packaging it. Many individuals are surprised when they see a hog carcass in its primal cuts: Pork may be known as the "other white meat", but the meat itself is actually quite red!

As you look at the picture, the front legs are in the far back, then the loin, neck & rib cage, and back legs. In the far right corner is the bandsaw that is used to cut the meat. Running a bandsaw is one of my great pleasures in life! I enjoy the process of breaking down the carcass into delicious cuts! Admittedly, I am much slower on the bandsaw than some butchers, but I have been very fortunate never to cut myself while operating it.

There is an old joke in the meat processing world: Hold up two fingers and ask "What's this?" It's a butcher ordering 4 beers! Slaughterhouse humor helps to alleviate the seriousness of the cycle of life & death colliding with the extreme potential for injury around dangerous equipment . . .

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