Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sean Arabia & His Ladies!

Yesterday was a wonderful day for my buck Sean of Arabia: he went to live with the ladies!

Sean is the son of Captain Butler, my long-time herd sire. His mother is Mop the Goat and his sister is Tonja. When Sean & Tonja were little, they were the resident "baby goats" in the Franklin County Farm Bureau display at the Franklin County Fair. Since then, Sean has matured into a nice young buck. Yesterday he moved in with the ladies that he will be romancing this fall. Gestation for a goat is five months, so I hope that in April we will have many "Arabian" babies!

I hope you will enjoy this video of Sean of Arabia meeting his ladies! He was so excited and immediately began curling his lip with joy, calling out loud snorting noises, and urinating on himself! Truly, goat love is amusing!

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