Friday, November 12, 2010

Promote Peace Amongst Men -- Serve Meat!

There was an intriguing article on meat consumption in the American Sheep Industry's weekly email that I wanted to share with you . . . and for those with meat-loving men in their lives, it is wonderful news! I intend to cook plenty of lamb & beef for my brothers & guy friends!

Lamb Chops and Steaks Calm Down Stressed Men

Women who want to calm down their husbands after a stressful day should serve him a big steak, scientists said this week. Contrary to popular opinion that a hunk of red meat may make men aggressive, experts said it actually has a calming effect. The researchers from McGill University in Montreal, Canada, said seeing meat provokes a sense of non-aggression that could be related to family feasting among the earliest humans and reminds males of friends and family at meal time.

Lead researcher Frank Kachanoff, Ph.D., admitted he was surprised by the findings. He said the idea that meat would prompt aggressive behavior makes sense as it would have helped our primate ancestors with hunting. However, experiments found that the opposite was true and that the sight of meat had a calming effect on males and made them less aggressive.

Evolutionary experts believe it is useful to look at innate reflexes in order to understand trends in society and personal behavior. They said this latest research was important because it looked at ways society may influence environmental factors to decrease the likelihood of aggressive behavior.

Photo Caption: Researchers would encourage this type of meat-rich meal to promote happiness & peace amongst men! On a side note, does this mean vegans are angry?!?

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