Friday, April 7, 2017

What is Open Farm?

I love talking about the farm and about my animals.  When I have the pleasure of meeting new people and they learn that I am a farmer, they usually ask how many animals are on they farm and how many acres comprise the farm.  I will never stop marveling that I can now blissfully answer that I own 76 acres.  As I quantify the farm into acreage and number of animals (70+ goats, 30+ sheep, a hundred chickens, a donkey, ten barn cats, two amazing dogs), I am often told "Wow, you are a REAL farmer!"  That phrase brings me great amusement, as farms in Ohio are extremely rich in diversity of production & crops.  There are so many kinds of farmers and farms in our state.  I hope that Harrison Farm is a place where people in my own metropolitan area can visit to learn more about animal agriculture.

I love sharing the farm with others, and thus I frequently invite people to visit the farm.  Many of my friends would ask about a good time to visit, so their kids (human variety) could meet my kids (goat variety.  My schedule is quite erratic, due to the needs of the farm.  This led to "Open Farm": a time when we will be onsite and guests are welcome to pop in.  No RSVP is necessary.  The work of the farm will be carrying on, and visitors are welcome to see what we do.  It is a low key opportunity to see what our farm is like, snuggle a baby goat, pick up some fresh eggs, and take in the beauty of agriculture.  Most of the creatures who live at Harrison Farm have been given very elaborate back stories, and their adventures create a recurring animal soap opera . . . So come prepared to catch up on the shenanigans of the goats, the star-crossed love stories of the chickens, and the routine complaints of Finn Lambkins!

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