Monday, August 8, 2016

August Update from the Farm

Happy August from Harrison Farm!  This has been a busy summer at the farm -- and the animals have contributed to that by being especially unruly!  Beyonc√© the Chicken continues to recover from injuries sustained during a raccoon attack in June, Pajamas the Goat maintains her role as most loving goat on the farm, and we are currently saving up for some veterinary treatments for our beloved donkey Cecilia.  Finn Lambkins is settling into his role as herd bellwether, and I continue to work on ideas for the children's book which I would love to write about him.  We recently had another baby goat join the herd . . . Meet the adorable Kaity Cupcake!

We are very excited for our upcoming on-farm dinner!  It will take place on Saturday 8/13/16 at Harrison Farm, 5278 Berger Road 43125.  Tickets for the dinner are $60, and can be reserved by responding to this email.  Guests are welcome for tours of the farm & appetizers starting at 5:00pm.  Dinner will be served at 6:00pm, and guests can bring their own wine or beer to enjoy with their dinner.  We recommend a full-bodied red wine to accompany the delicious Harrison Farm lamb chops!  We hope to dine outside, but should it rain we will gather around the farmhouse table inside.  We will be enjoying an amazing menu by Chef Kristin Root Reese, that will highlight summer flavors.  Since we had to close ticket sales last month before some of our friends were able to reserve their spot, we are again offering delicious Harrison Farm lamb chops for the entree so more people can try them.  Please join us!  

If you cannot attend this month's dinner, but you would like to try some delicious lamb chops (or goat chops!), we have both lamb & goat available for sale.  My interns have tried lamb and goat during dinners at the farm, and they have given very favorable responses!  Our available options include rib chops, loin chops, roasts, shoulder chops, kabob meat, and ground.  We also have organ meats for the truly adventurous cooks!  Our animals are pasture-raised, and grain-finished.  We welcome visitors to the farm who would like to see the atmosphere in which they are raised.  I truly believe they provide delicious meats!

Our animal-inspired jewelry business is starting to take off!  Thus far, dogs have definitely been the most popular animal for the etched crystal jewelry . . . There is now a dachshund, a Maltese, and a Labrador retriever gracing the necks of three of the most stylish women in our area!  We are starting to book shows for the upcoming months, and I can hardly wait for the first one.  Looking for a beautiful necklace, eye-catching earrings, or a really cool prism for someone who loves animals?  Keep in mind that we can deliver to those in the Columbus area!  

The summer is moving too quickly, and I am treasuring my final weeks with my amazing group of interns!  We had some truly outstanding adventures in July, and I am extremely grateful to all of my friends who offered their time for our educational adventures on our "Friday Fun Days".  Our recent adventures have included a trip to Western Ohio to visit a hog operation and an alpaca farm, as well as a trip to Northeast Ohio to see a dairy and a hay operation.  I am very blessed to have such phenomenal young ladies interning on my farm, and I appreciate so much how all of my former interns (and student assistants) have become like family to me.  In fact, I am excited to have the pleasure of officiating at TWO weddings in 2017 for young women who worked for me during their school days!  My interns receive a diverse experience as they learn about my work with celebrations and animals and teaching, and I am most grateful for what they contribute to Harrison Farm.

As always, please know how much I appreciate the support that all of my friends offer! I write these email updates myself to share with you more of the adventures of the farm, and I send it specifically to those I know.  I have encouraged Finn Lambkins to take over some of our marketing efforts for the farm, but thus far he feels his full-time job is being adorable!  I am extraordinarily grateful for the kindness which our friends show.  This allows Harrison Farm to keep working to achieve its mission of enriching lives by connecting people with animals & farming!

Katherine Harrison & all the animal friends

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