Thursday, February 5, 2015

Doody the Goat

Doody the Goat, noted political commentator and social media guru, passed peacefully at the age of eight and a half, surrounded by his Harrison Farm friends.  Renowned for his political expertise, Doody the Goat ended his career as a prognosticator by correctly calling every race he predicted in November 2014.  Doody was the son of Kell B. and Dexter Manley, and was preceded in death by his parents, his sister Howdy, and his best friend Clementine the Goat.  He was born in February 2006, and often reminisced on his early friendship with Sean Haley (who offered many bottle feedings to Doody after Kell B. passed unexpectedly).  Along with Thunder the Sheep, Doody the Goat served as the bellwether for the Harrison Farm herd for many years.  Doody & Thunder were immortalized on the Ohio Farm Bureau collage of county images -- a display that has appeared at the Ohio Farm Bureau offices, at the Ohio State Fair, and on a plaque presented to Governor John Kasich.  Doody is survived by 30 goat friends, 15 sheep friends, 25 chickens (to whom he rarely spoke), Flirt the Horse, Cecilia the Donkey, and 1 loving goatherd.  Doody had pre-planned a simple Eco-friendly composting service at Harrison Farm, which the immediate animal family attended (except Pat The Goat, his longtime frenemy).  Doody asked for no flowers to be sent upon his passing, but was open to donations of hay for his survivors.  Doody's last words were, "MAA . . ." -- loosely translated as "Eat more lamb . . ."  

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