Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cowgirl Chic v. Wardrobe Fail

Lately, I have had several reminders that what constitutes normal attire for me (Stetson jeans, cowboy boots, Western jewelry), is not normal attire for mainstream society.  This was hit home on the evening of 10/31 when I was complimented on my Halloween cowgirl costume -- which was just me in my standard clothes!

Matt enjoys & tolerates my standard attire.  That being said, we do have different opinions on fashion (he basically owns three summer outfits, and three winter outfits).  A recent conversation between us only highlighted our different thoughts on clothing . . .

Matt: "I was looking at those pictures in the dining room of you on the Wagon Train."

I was surprised by this comment.  Not the wagon train part (my step-sisters and I were forced to participate in an annual wagon train re-enactment in the Dakotas as children -- if you ever want to hear scarring childhood stories about bathing in ponds full of leeches, riding miles in a wagon under the hot prairie sun, and wearing uncomfortable pioneer clothes, you can read Laura Ingalls Wilder books or just have a conversation with me!), what Matt said that made me pause was that there were no pictures from the Wagon Train in the Dining Room.

Matt: "You know, those pictures of you in all your pioneer dresses.  From all the different wagon trains."

I was still baffled.  "No.  There is a picture of me in the kitchen with Heather, and Alison, and Jen.  And there is a picture in my office of me & Mother from the wagon train.  But there are not any in the dining room."

Matt was insistent.  "Yes, there are.  Those pictures all in a row on the wall between the dining room and the kitchen."

Suddenly, I understood what Matt was referencing.  "No, Matt, those are not pictures from the wagon train.  Those are my school pictures."

Lesson learned: the modern American male does not appreciate the Little House on the Prairie-inspired fashions for girls of the late 1970s and early 1980s!

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