Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby Goats!

The venture between Middle E Performance Horses & Goats and Harrison Farm has been a wonderful experience! Last fall, ten lovely ladies from Middle E came to Harrison Farm to spend time with Boyo K. Manley of Harrison Farm. With a few minor bumps in the road (typical of goats!) the ladies are doing splendidly! As of this date, we are delighted to announce that Hen has beautiful twins, Georgia and Mustard both have single boys, Hilda is the proud mother of an adorable daughter, and Beefy Junior just gave birth to handsome twin sons. Boyo is proudly strutting around the farm with delight at these arrivals! We look forward to the imminent arrival of more babies!

Photo Caption: The lovely Angela of Middle E Performance Horses & Goats holds little "Two Sock", son of Hen & Boyo. Note his darling white stockings on his front legs!

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  1. Now we just need pictures of the baby goats when we are not all bundled up! Spring is here!