Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Penguin the Chicken Wants YOU to Buy Her Eggs!

With the arrival of spring on the Farm, the chickens are back to production! For so many weeks, I was gathering just a few eggs each week -- not nearly enough to satisfy my own use! The good news is that the hens are happily clucking away and laying numerous delicious eggs once more! My chickens wander about the pasture in the daytime and spend their nights inside the henhouse that my great-grandfather built in 1928. They are fed a specially made chicken mash that my local feed store produces. This provides them with excellent nutrition! Plus, my chickens enjoy lots of leftovers: vegetables & breads are their favorites, and they have a special love of spinach artichoke dip! I sell fresh eggs from the farm for $3/dozen. I take pride in the eggs that my chickens lay -- the yolks are a vivid golden color! According to my friend Frau Bricker, the eggs that my chickens lay are superior for her use when cooking & baking traditional German recipes! Please feel free to contact me with egg orders at 614.271.0304! The chickens thank you!

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