Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Introducing the Pyrenees Pups!

I am very delighted to introduce the two newest residents of the Farm: Captain Call and Augustus!

After losing Keiko Dynamite the Goat last fall -- and having had recurring predator issues -- I decided I must take action & get some guard dogs. While many people are surprised to learn that coyotes could be such a problem in Canal Winchester, we have had kills on the farm throughout the years. Predators are a major issue for farmers who work hard to raise & protect their animals. We have tried guard donkeys and guard llamas, but by far the most effective protectors were the Pyrenees dogs that my mother kept with her sheep. The Pyrenees breed originated in the mountainous region between Spain & France. Shepherders relied on the guardian dogs to protect their livestock. This breed has likewise become quite popular in the States. My mother adored her Pyrenees dogs, and it was with great joy that I was able to get two pups out of that bloodline!

I brought the boys home last week, and they quickly began adjusting to my farm! They are handsome, bouncy bundles of adventure! One is curious about everything, and is interested in people & animals. The bigger brother is a bit more reserved, but quickly began to follow me around whenever I was in the barn. They are only two months old, but they have rapidly begun to develop their protective skills. Both pups climb in & out of the livestock pens, and they have learned to bark when they hear the barn door open. Within a few months, they should be formidable opponents for any coyote that tries to eat my precious (yet tasty) little goats!

After picking up the boys, I decided I would wait a week to name them. I wanted to get to know their personalities before choosing what I would call them. After a week of trying different names -- and wanting to find some that connected them to my mother -- I chose to name them after the lead characters from one of her all-time favorite books: Lonesome Dove. Thus, my little lovable adventurer is Captain Augustus McCrae and the quiet protector is Captain Woodrow F. Call. Believe it or not, they already respond to "Gus" and "Captain" after only 24 hours of trying out the names!

Finally . . . my goats can rest peacefully and I can sleep with ease even when the coyotes howl! We know that our Pyrenees will protect us!


  1. Cute! We just re-homed our 2 yr old Pyrenees tonight. He will be missed but he really needed a farm to work on and will be working to protect some cattle, mainly from 2 legged predators. If you have never owned this breed they are a unique breed....good luck with them. The goats should feel safe now...

  2. Thanks so much! We are having a wonderful time together! I look forward to the boys growing to full-size and valiantly protecting the herd! I hope your Pyr will adjust well to his new home . . . That must have been a hard decision, but I applaud you for trying to look after the best interest of the dog!